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Glenacres Nursery,
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Xmas Closing

We would all like to take this chance to thank you for your custom over the last year and wish you a happy xmas and we will see you in the new year.  We will be closing on the 23rd december at 4pm and re-opening on the 3rd jan at 8 am.


2016 Autumn Red Tag Sale

This year we are once again offering an autumn sale, we have various items within this sale, ranging from 15% up to 50% off marked prices. Its well worth a visit to check out these items, all sale items have a separate red tag on them stating the discount.

Within the sale we have herbs, fruit trees, perennials and alpines, and a large variety of shrubs.


Bare-root season

Its that time of year again where we  find ourselves in the season for planting those new hedges and borders.We are currently taking orders for the bare-root hedging plants,we can also source root -ball plants of the larger varieties, we do not keep any bare-root hedging here at the nursery, as we have a good supplier in Holland. We have a good availability list here, if you have any inquiries please give us a call at the nursery on 01202 872069 and we will be pleased to help. Here on the nursery we have a large stock of good quality shrubs for hedging, from laurels to leylandii to name a few.


Our stock is looking amazing.

Considering the wet weather we have had our stock around the Nursery is looking amazing for the time of year. We are at the end of January now and thankfully we haven’t had too many really hard frosts down here in Dorset to damage things.  We still have February to get through however so keeping everything crossed for an early start to the season with some reasonable weather to help us.

Everything in our trade depends on the weather. Gardeners are patiently waiting to get out and do things.  Whenever we get a spell of nice weather we notice our trade instantly livens up.  Being a true plant nursery rather than a retail Garden centre that encourages customers in purely to drink coffee or take lunch and then wander through aisles of giftware that are nothing to do with gardening we need nice weather to encourage our customers to buy plants  and make the most of the breaks in the weather to get them planted.

We are bursting at the seams with plants of all types just breaking  into bud.   I can honestly say In all the many years I have been growing plants to sell I have never seen our stock looking better.  Our small and loyal staff have worked extremely hard through the last few quiet months to get everything looking nice for the spring.  We have a large stock of spring bulbs growing in pots arriving this week including Hyacinths of various colours, Tete a tete. Daffodils, Muscari, Tulips, Bridal crown, Paper whites etc, etc.    We now have Primroses and Polyanthus in flower & budded also.

We still have a huge choice of Laurels and Leylandii hedging plants of all sizes in pots If your contemplating planting a hedge when the weather is better.  In fact with these two Items we always make sure we have good stocks growing on because they are so popular with everybody including our local council planning departments who especially seem to like Laurels If people are planting hedges.



We have just recently taken delivery of a lot more laurel hedging to complement our own grown stock in a variety of sizes.

We can now offer you laurels from 50-60cm in a 3ltr pot  upto huge specimens, 2mtr +high in 50 ltr pots. Large quanities of all sizes available at very reasonable prices.


Plug Plants

Glenacres Nursery has an arrangement with two large suppliers of Plug plants where you can order any amount of Plug plants ( minimum 1 complete tray, counts vary ) for most main weeks through the normal growing season.  Main condition is you order, collect and pay for them from ourselves at Glenacres Nursery. We are able to do this and save you their normal delivery charges which can be high so long as your requirements can be on weeks when we are having deliveries for our own use.

We have catalogues from both Delamores  of Wisbech and the Dutch based company  S & G.  Both carry huge ranges and choices of  Plug plants for Annuals, Perennials, Biennials and Shrubs  also a good selection  Grasses, Herbs, Climbers etc etc.

Please call in to the Nursery to discuss your requirements with Andrea or Nancy.  They will be able to give you a catalogue to take home and peruse at your leisure.    Orders for early spring ideally need to be in before Christmas, especially for lines like Tuberous Begonias that sell out very quickly.

Busy Lizzies        Because of the problems with Mildew over the last couple of years on Busy Lizzies we have decided once again not to offer them for sale.  We are however offering a new strain of New Guinea Busy Lizzies suitable for bedding out that can be grown in packs. These are raised from cuttings instead of seed. Tray count will be in 4s instead of 6s to reflect the increased cost but will we are sure turn out to be a lot better buy for your money.

We have both catalogues and order forms at the nursery. Please feel free to pop into the nursery and chat about your requirements for the new season.     We have a lot of customers especially in the Camp site and Pub & Catering trade who come and see us every year to help keep their establishments looking smart and one better than their competitors.    If you talk to us early enough we can even arrange to grow specific varieties and types for you.


Winter Bedding and Bulbs

We have just taken a delivery of winter bedding and bulbs. We have mixed colour polyanthus and primroses. We also have some lovely viola’s in various colours and we have a good selection of straight colour pansy’s.

Bulbs : Hyacinth in blue, pink, yellow, white and red in 1ltr pots.

paper white narcissus in 13cm

narcissus  in 1l pots sir winston churchill, carlton, yellow sun, king alfred, geranium, avalanche

bridal crown  narcissus in 12cm pots

tete ^ tete in 9cm pots and 1 l

crocus in yellow, blue, purple, white, and a purple and white striped.

winter heathers are also in colour.

We also have in  9cm ivys , 9cm and 1l skimmia.

12cm helleborus in mixed varities.

9cm conifers, 9cm euoynmous and 1l . All you need to make your winterbaskets and to give a bit of colour in the winter months.


Bare-Root Hedging

We are now taking orders for bare-root hedging, with the first delivery about 2nd week in November and then a delivery every fortnight. Minimum order of 25 whips per variety. We have an availability and price list at the nursery. Please feel free to either call or pop into the nursery where we will be able to help you with your order.

All varieties of Bare root hedging available.  Field planting mixes can be quoted for. Larger the order the cheaper they will get.



We now have a good stock of griselinia at the nursery .

10 ltr @ £16.95 inc vat.

5 ltr @ £8.95 inc vat


Large quantity of 3l laurel

We have just taken delivery of a large amount of 3 litre hedging laurels, which we have priced at a very good price of £5.95 inc vat.

If  you should want a large amount we may be able to work out a small discount.